Your Little Bubble

In this age of over-consumption, it’s a norm to be left with the desire for that little bit more, every time. Taking things for granted in the fast lane has become habitual but not intentional, of course.

A little more. A little more time, a little more love, a little more of everything. It’s but of course human folly to want more each time. Buddha once said that the root of all suffering is desire.

Contentment is a feeling many aspire to but with regard to sometimes-impossible dreams, unimaginable attainment of things. Contentment can come from a nice warm shower, a cozy blanket or a movie marathon of your favorite cheesy flicks with your girls.

Contentment also lies in the little things. Doing what makes YOU happy, in that very moment is what brings those moments of unadulterated joy. Whether it’s indulging in junk food at that moment, or finding a flower growing between the cracks of a sidewalk. Do you. Feel like travelling? Take a weekender. Feel fashionable? Wear what you want with a devil-may-care attitude. Your happiness is what you choose.

With our jobs that always have us on our toes, we sometimes tend to be guilty of the same.  We are often asked how we started styling and blogging. We don’t have a fashion background, but we did what loved and this is what we have built. Our little labor of love. We still fall and fail but failure is not the end. You climb and claw your way back in to your happiness. All we keep in mind is not losing our focus or our style to anything.

Speaking of which, we squeezed in a shoot before we left for our soujourn to New York! Getting in on a playful look, Urmi dons a summery printed dress. The versatility of the print makes it a good option for Indian wear too. Just pair it up with palazzos! The colors play the perfect backdrop against the statement hot pink choker. The trinkets at its ends give it a super quirky vibe! We totally love.

Hemal does old school cool with a checkered button down. The ultimate go-to for comfort. Dress it up or dress it down, this outfit paired with white sneakers will become your little bubble of comfort.

While we are still away, we’re doing our thing. Things that bring us joy. From Urmi busy with her travel expedition and spending time with her family to Hemal setting up her new house. In fact settling in her whole new life.

Learn to make your own world of happiness. Your little bubble, your own heaven.

Hemal's Outfit: Dress, Gulaal Creations| Shoes, H&M

Urmi's Outfit: Dress, Gulaal Creations| Shoes, H&M | Neckpiece, Nakhrewali| Earrings, bought from Rajasthan| Bangles, Local

Photo Credit: Jaina Kumar

Location: The Korner House

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