You got to do, What you got to do

Today, while we are wearing some fun and playful stuff from Quirk Box and SR Store, we are setting some goals and targets for ourselves.

Just from a glance you would be able to tell what Hemal is wearing today. Yes, Quirk Box it is! Hemal is color-blocking this fun typewriter shirt from the brand. This quirky shirt would also go really well with distressed denims/shorts and plimsolls making a perfect androgynous look. She preferred to wear it the girly way and wore this to a work-cum-lunch out for the blog. You could also wear this at the movies or for those impromptu coffee plans with your circle. 

I (Urmi) am wearing printed drawstring shorts with a stripe tee, layered with a georgette duster coat. Jackets that are a little longer than the normal jackets add on a high street feel to your look and I am in love with particularly this one that am wearing for its fit and fabric. Lacing on a pair of sneakers is my go-to thing off late, so i teamed my outfit with these superstars (available for a stealing price, direct link below) from Adidas Originals making a comfortable outfit even comfier.

So, we are setting targets because Hemal and I and going to be away for a while. As I am going to be traveling to meet my family in August for about a month or even more and we obviously can't do without connecting with you guys for long! It is going to be a task, because we just hate working without each other. Working solo is so effing boring! To tell you the truth, in the first meeting itself people can tell that we are inseparables, some even think we are twins. Haha! But we don’t care! This is what we call Team Work! :P However, this time around we have to and we are trying to figure out ways to keep you guys posted with our travel stories, some pre-shot blogs and some current reports from Hemal while she is around in Mumbai.

While we pre plan our blog, you guys enjoy these beautiful set of pictures clicked by our favorite Jaina Kumar.

Hemal's Outfit: Shirt, Quirk Box |Skirt - Promod| Vest, Forever 21| Shoes,

Urmi's Outfit: Shorts – SR | Overcoat, SR | Top, Bangkok | Shoes, Adidas Originals

Photo CreditJaina Kumar

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