Year End Diaries with Accessorize

Christmas and New Years is the perfect time to celebrate, create memories, look amazing and feel most immaculate than ever. Its New years ! And needless to say anything, its party time!! Not only a celebration eve for all of us but also a bright anniversary bash at Accessorize as they celebrate their 30th anniversary too this month.
Now as all the party moods setting in, we are having our own little party on the blog as well !
Glitter, glamour and jewels are our mandatory picks this month from the brand. You cant miss on the jeweled dazzling clutches, with a range from grunge tassled envelopes to chic embellished ones. Check out the full post to know what we wore from Accessorize.
For the first look, Hemal wore a silver embellished belt from Accessorize to give a break to her all back jumpsuit. We both did the layering trend with our neckpieces where hemal uses dainty ones and Urmi a little on the ethnic side. 
For the second look, nothing but glistening jewels we could think of from the accessories to the small handy sling perfect for a night out. 
Leaving behind all the stress and tension, lets welcome this new year with glitz and love, tap a feet or two and get ready for the new year!!
Happy Happy New Year to one and all !! Enjoy the post!
All bags & accessories: Accessorize
Photo Credit: Jaina Kumar


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