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You know those places that give you major holiday-envy on Instagram? The one with glistening blue seas, white sand and major Insta-worthy spots? You know exactly what we were talking about. Tulum is every Instagram aficionado’s dream and HOW. Every nook and corner of this destination looks something straight out of a surreal poster. Everything is so pretty, the seas so blue, the beaches so clean and the ambience ever so vibrant.

Tulum is a holiday lover’s dream and trust us when we say that if relaxation and chilling is your only agenda, you’re coming to the right place. Tulum’s natural laidback way of living lets you leave your stress and any tension or baggage behind. It’s a spot that helps you unwind from the inside out. Social media included! Even though we had access to Wi-Fi everywhere, we were glad that phones didn’t have network or connectivity, which gave us our much-needed social media detox. Talk about rejuvenating!

Although our honeymoon plans were charted for Italy, due to last minute visa issues we redirected our trip to Mexico, and man, are we glad we did! Our trip was absolutely spontaneous and unplanned. Being virgin visitors, Tulum has been a gem of a find and if you’re planning a trip to this holiday haven soon, let us play guide and give you a low-down of all the must-sees and must-visits!

Our trip began with our stay at Coco Limited, a limited version of Coco Tulum. Much like its name, the hotel is a small and sweet hotel that is extremely well kept and quiet. It ticked all the right boxes and we couldn’t be happier with our choice of stay! What can you expect there? The friendliest staff and food so scrumptious, it’ll make your taste buds tingle with excitement.

If you’re going with the sole intention to chill and unwind, you’re doing it right. Coco Limited has the cutest little private cottages with personal balconies; perfect to spend your evenings with a stunning sunset for a view and a drink in your hand, lying on your hammock. We’re talking lazy times and drinks, a sinful combination too good to resist. If an extraordinary experience is what you seek, Azulik is the place to go. Everything here is made of cane and bamboo and is an out-of-the-world accommodation experience. Seat-nests that look up to the sky and the most stunning rooms you’ve ever seen (really, check them out on Instagram!), there is no other place you would want to live in. All said and done, it is a little heavy on the pocket but pretty things come with hefty price tags although this one was well-worth it. We’re not exaggerating when we say that the food in Tulum was to die for. The fettuccine there really puts the EAT! in ‘great'.

We had a lovely manager at Coco Limited who chaperoned us and helped us with all the activities and places we should do and visit. Including the loveliest cafes and nature spots, we started our checklist right after! Listing them down for any potential Tulum travellers post reading this post!

  1. Azulik: Like we mentioned above, do not miss this place! It’s a visual wonder and will blow your mind away. Including their food! The fettuccine is so good; you could make it the 8th wonder of the world.
  2. Casa Malca: Calling all Narcos fans! It was rumored that the infamous Pablo Escobar previously owned this spot back in its glory days. The interiors had a je ne sais quoi spookiness to it that added to the fun. Vegetarian options aren’t available, so if you enjoy a good drink and meat options for meals, this place it is.
  3. Matcha Mama: Matcha Mama is a breakfast person’s delight. I love all things breakfast, and with wonderful healthy options like acai and berry bowls and fresh smoothies made right in front of you, this place is breakfast heaven.
  4. Gitano (khi-ta-no): If you’ve got party on your mind, remember to visit this ultra happening spot, with great music, great crowd but mediocre food. With all the partying and dancing, who needs the grub though?
  5. I scream bar: I scream bar is an uber cool street bar that serves vegan ice cream and of course, it screams bar!
  6. Casa Jaguar (casa ha-goo-are): Party people, unite! This is another great party hub for all those who like to get down and boogie! A simply amazing place to be at.
  7. Clandestino: Although we didn’t try Clandestino, it is said to be a lovely Cenote bar, which means you can swim with your drinks. We were told it was only for in-house guests but they probably allow outsiders as well. Future Tulum goers, let us know!
  8. Mezzanine: Thai food lovers, this is THE place to grab some grub. Non-lovers, you will be converted!
  9. Ukami: I scream Sushi! I am one of the biggest sushi fans (vegetarian, of course) and this spot had some of the most mind-blowing options I’ve ever sampled!
  10. La Eufemia: If you really want to get a taste of the local flavor, and when we say local, we mean reallllly blending in; La Eufemia is your spot. We were suggested this spot by lots of people but didn’t quite like it. Food, ambience all very okay. If you’re a four-legged friend lover, this is the place and had a lot of cats and dogs loitering around, although personally it spooked me out!
  11. NomadeAmazing hippie vibes at this place! The decor is to die for, food wasn't great, but we wouldn't just mind the vibe again.
  12. Posada Margherita: Slurp away cos this place has the best pizzas ever!
  13. Shiva: All said and done, at the end of the day you will always miss your ghar ka khaana. We were craving some good ol’ desi food and were greeted by this sweet gentleman at Shiva. He was the only other Indian we met on our trip and had decent Indian food. Don’t forget to visit this spot if you’re feeling particularly homesick!
More places that we were suggested but missed due to time constraints;

Arca: Said to have the best food in Tulum, this place is almost always fully booked so if you’re feeling adventurous, definitely visit Arca!

Kitchen Table: A foodie’s delight and a highly recommended spot to visit for any gastronomical adventurer.

Papaya Playa Project: Yet another party hub.

Other than this:

  • Dont miss swimming in the Cenote. You could get in touch with Carlos who is an amazing Cenote's guide in Tulum +52 (984) 1319751
  • We experienced Scuba diving in Cancun but I am sure Tulum would have some great options too
  • Hire bi-cycles for daily commute, its fun!
  • Only if you are a historic kind of a soul, go for a touristy sight seeing at Tulum or Mayan ruins, We weren't too keen but still wanted to check it off our list, so we went for the Tulum ruins but if you ask us honestly we could've skipped this one *winks*
  • If you love wellness activities, Tulum is big into yoga classes, aqua yoga and body massages so give that a whirl when in Tulum.

We may be back in Mumbai, but we left our hearts in Tulum. Spontaneous trips really are the best and we wouldn’t change this happy accident for any other vacay!

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