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When we have even little free time from our shoots, it makes us so restless; wanting to do so much but it’s the same with us as its with everyone, time is not enough. And just like everyone else, we have big dreams too! We have been wanting to work on a few things for the blog since the longest time, here we have made just a start by customizing few handbags and of-course we have a cupcake for you readers here.

Do you have pieces in your wardrobe that have a story behind it? We guess, everyone does and we most definitely do. Matter-of-factly, the more particular you become about something, it becomes more difficult to find that thing because now you really get into the tad bit details of it.

Mind you, when you want something so much, you even forget your budgets even for the simplest of the things. Urmi has been hunting for a perfect white denim since the longest time. Notions as everyone has, she has her own. Finally after trying white pants for years and years (not kidding ;)) she finally settled for one from JC penny at her recent trip to the States. We kid you not, she wasn't planning to even enter the store.

While Urmi feels that there are only pros to being tall, Hemal knows what she goes through when she never finds pants her perfect length at our very own Indian brands. You should see the joy in her eye when she picks up bottoms and even shoes for that matter. She gets so hyper-happy that she would buy you 10 things at that moment (winks). So she found these floral leggings from a street vendor in Bandra just for Rs. 200/-. You can imagine what she would have done next. Yes i was the lucky one ;)

Bag prices on request

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Photo Credit: Parth Daga


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@2014:www.whatwearhow.in | all rights reserved      pixels crafted with love by infinista concepts