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Come second half of the year and you know all types of festivals and celebrations are going to come at you like a force of wind before you expect it. We have always been lovers of all things Indian-wear. There is something so inherently comfortable in its look, so relaxed in its fit and yet absolutely perfectly fitting to the T in its silhouette. That said, we love our casuals every now and then but nothing can quite beat the grace and elegance the Indian garb can bring to your look. JWe’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Indian wear does not equal loud and chunky looks. Your outfits need not be garish to make a statement. It’s a play of balance with colors, silhouettes and accessories too. ‘Purple Panchi’ plays that game beautifully. We love the outfits over at ‘Purple Panchi’. They’re the ideal blend of understated charm and accentuated pop of statement and style. Urmi’s beige look complements her love for basic and classic choices. The sheen of the silk fabric makes it a great choice for any upcoming festivals you may need to attend. The addition of the red dupatta and maang tikka takes this look several notches higher, to make for a very sleek and sophisticated look. The belt adds to the beauty of the unique look. Hemal shows us exactly how you can turn the volume up on your looks with simple outfits. Colors maketh an outfit, and these outfits are all that and then some. The marriage of mustard yellow, rose pink and lotus motifs combines to give it a novel look. Accessories are underestimated but so many times make or break the outfit. The chunky oxidized necklace surely wins the game with this one. So whether you’re looking to buy new additions to your Indian-wear wardrobe or have an amassed collection with no idea how to wear it. Play around, mix around. Downplay and blend or opt for simple basics and make it go the statement route.Play around, balance it out, we’re certain that you’ll find your winning look (hearts and more!)

Hemal's Outfit : Outfit, Purple Panchi| Jewellery, Rajasthan | Mojri, Love for Jutti

Urmi's Outfit : Outfit, Purple Panchi| Jewellery, Rajasthan | Footwear, Call It Spring

Photo Credit: Jaina Kumar

Location: The Korner House

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@2014:www.whatwearhow.in | all rights reserved      pixels crafted with love by infinista concepts