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The season of festivities is approaching and so does the season of expenditures. Naturally, this calls for a lot of new outfits that have you going berserk over your pockets. We make sure that we don't blindly go swiping our cards away. Can you imagine the damage done on that then? This one is for all our shopping crazed friends who do not have control over their pockets!

Believe us when we say that there are multiple ways an outfit can be worn. Don't be scared that your dressiest outfit is too OTT for your event. You can always dress up or down by simply mixing a piece here and there. Statement pieces can also be non-complicated and subtle. We love to own basics that are simple yet classic. It's the best of both worlds and you can easily play around with your look.

What we look for specifically in an outfit before owning it?

1. Price Check:  If you're spending that fat a cheque on your outfit, make sure the investment goes a long way. Ask yourself if it is really worth it. We think twice before picking up an outfit. Especially when it comes to dress outfits, it is going to tag along with you for years. Ensuring that you can make the most of your outfit for the buck you spend on it is the way to really know it's worth it.

2. Wearability Check: A way to make sure that you make the most of your wardrobe is by making sure you can have at least 4-5 looks with it before buying. If you cant think of any occasion to wear the outfit to in the near future then it's best to let it go. By the time you get the chance to wear that outfit, you are either bored of it just looking at it hanging in your wardrobe or it is already out of fashion.

3. Trend Check: Unless you don't mind twinning with strangers then you have to beware. If it's trendy, you're bound to spot a couple of people already sporting it too. Before buying an outfit, we make sure we can style the outfit in a different way because let's be real, no one wants to be caught dead wearing the same outfits at the same time!

4. Scope Check: We definitely see the shelf life of the trend, if it is something thats not going to stay of long, then we give it a pass. But if it is something that we really really love then we do our market research online & in-stores to find a cheaper option. We don't mind splurging on an outfit, if its a keeper but we would definitely look for options.

5. Style check: We always check if what we're picking up resonates with our personal style. A lot of times we've gotten excited and get carried away. We end up picking outfits that are not our style or body type and in the long term they end up rotting in our closets. Be sure to pick up items that always relate to your style, fit you well and aren't made of uncomfortable fabric.

These outfits by Ezra tick all our pointers. They are simple yet stylish, they can be dressed up or dressed down. Hemal's shirt can be worn with denims & sneakers for a casual look, the pants can be teamed with kurtis or a basic white shirt to suit the occasion. Urmi's top can be worn with distressed denim & sneakers, it could be teamed with a traditional lehenga as a blouse or even tucked in with a midi skirt. The choices are really endless!

You can really do a lot with outfits but you need to know how to buy such outfits. Follow our checklist and you are all set! It's really that simple. You'll definitely be thanking us later!

Outfits: Ezra| Photo Courtesy: Parth Daga


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