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Don't we feel most of the times that our photograph shouldn't be jus a picture, it should be our philosophy, and so is the case with the style of our yesteryears we feel. Doing fashion should be like Polaroids and our style should be a great bundle of little things. Wondering what we are referring to ?! The come back of the 80's- the very much loved midi skirts and crop tops. These have been doing quite some rounds season by season and we too have been longing to shoot and talk about it since a while now and here's a perfect story, a perfect location and some perfect feel to go along which we recently found.

It's the classy Hi design's new Icon collection making a comeback - could possibly be their most earliest designs ever that we have discovered now. The collection boasts of eleven classic bags with a range of doctor bags, briefcases, satchels and duffels and what not. We also found some vintage skirts on Closet diaries, an amazing and a really reasonable online portal based in Mumbai, you should definitely check out their midi collection.

Since we are talking about all the vintage things here, there's a perfect vintage clock store 'Ethnic Clock makers' that we found at one of the malls. Under the same sky, dreaming the same dream, choosing the same looks and loving the same styles, Urmi chooses to be in her girlie floral midi-skirt with a Marina Red bag & Hemal donning a polka midi with The Safari doctor bag and its classic key lock design makes it an ideal travel bag as you see. Get on to your nostalgic styles and refresh your memories with midis and crop tops and all that reminds you of you.

Bags from Hi Design

On Urmi: Skirt,  Closet diaries | Top, Aww by Priyanka | Shoes, Redress (bandra) |

Bangles, Fab India

On Hemal: Skirt, Closet diaries | Top, Promod | Shoes, Westside | Neckpiece, Forever 21

Photo Credit: Jaina Kumar

LocationEthnic Clock makers (Malad Infiniti Mall)

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