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Every winter comes by and we get down to brass tacks about the party season that wakes up from its dormant state. It’s almost as if the dawn we’re taken into from the last day of November to the rising sun of December brings with it a metaphorical party hat that tells us it’s the month of an invigorating festive atmosphere. Every year, we can tell you the usual and the basic and go over the rigmarole of party dressing. Blacks, sequins, you know the drill. This season, we’re switching things up a bit. For the nights that turn into days with partying during the wee hours, for the PMs that lead into the AM. We aren’t doing day to eveningwear anymore. We’re switching from evening to daywear for the parties that are so good; the night doesn’t feel like ending. We’re talking party silhouettes with lighter prints and colors. Who says stripes are reserved for the day or that light floral is just for a day out? We’re breaking the rules and putting our spin. Whether it’s Urmi’s one-shoulder wonder or Hemal’s striped fitted number. You know you can rock these at any house party or a club that’s got your name on the dance floor. Move from the traditional into the experimental. Just do you and see the awesomeness that unfolds. As we move forward into a new year, we’re just doing us, we’re doing new. Let’s jump into 2018 headfirst. Break the rules and break the New Year. Believe us, all things amazing await.

HAPPY 2018!


Hemal's Outfit: Outfit, Urban Suburban | Footwear, Tao Paris | Sunglasses, Michael Kors | Watch, Daniel Wellington

Urmi's Outfit: Top, Urban Suburban|Neckpiece, Francescas| Footwear, Target (USA)| Sunglasses, Rayban | Handcuffs, Aldo

Photo Credit: Jaina Kumar

Written by: Hemantee Vijan

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