Twirl Girls

Beyond the blogs, beauty and bags are just 2 girls. What Wear How is an idea that sprouted from the everyday thoughts of those 2 everyday girls. Us, Urmi and Hemal. Our desire was to create something that relayed the truest version of ourselves, allowed us to be, well, us and celebrate it in all its honesty. Lets shift from the crowded spotlight of fashion and beauty and focus on us today instead! We deserve it after hitting a family of 100K on Instagram, wouldn’t you say? (YAY!)

What started as a seed of thought, in a bid to express and showcase our personal style, watered and grew into a platform for us to continue experimenting and refresh our style buds. A purely organic thought and growth, which we strive to maintain and reinforce through our content everyday. 0 drama, 0 pretense just a 100% relatable material for every girl like us out there, who like us is just a girl next door. We wear what we show and we show, what we wear! As always, the blog has been our little baby project that has been preferably, purely driven by matters of our heart and wishes, rather than catering to sponsorships and paid content.

When you grow something out of nothing, it’s pivotal to stick by your OG idea and see it through. It’s easy to get swayed in the face of fancy freebies and monies on the way, ka-ching-ing in your pockets. Our word? Choose and prioritize! Do your thing and let your blog be an extension of your truest, realest self and it will give you satisfaction beyond measure.

As for us? We’re just staying real, doing our thing in floral and being twirl girls for all you real ladies. Stay you, it’s the one person to be!

Hemal's Outfit: Dress, Stalk buy love | Footwear, Charles & Keith |

Urmi's Outfit: Dress, Missa More | Footwear, Call It Spring | Hamsa Envelope, The Color Life | Sunglasses, Rayban |Neckpiece, Rajasthan| Earrings, Aquamarine| Hand chunk, everywhere

Photo Credit: Jaina Kumar

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