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At times we feel like dressing up like its spring, in the billowing things, and sometimes we dress up like warm red autumn. But the fun factor should always remain intact. The things we choose to wear should always trigger the release of calming hormones within us, thus relaxing us and generating the feelings of comfort. We feel happy when we find a perfect pair of denims or heels but have you girls ever thought about finding the perfect inner wear?

70% of women wear the wrong bra size. Are you one of them? Take the time out to understand your bodies, get yourself measured and’ Find the One’ perfect fitting bra that will work for you no matter the outfit or occasion.

It is really important for one to find a perfect bra so as to feel confident and most importantly comfortable. We are stylists by profession and we come across so many girls and women, from as young as 18 to as old as 50 and most of the times we have noticed that majority of them don't wear the right bra or don't even know their sizes and it really astounds us. One should really know the basics and we are happy to tell you, that there is one such brand out here taking an initiative to help you -- Triumph!

'Triumph International' has launched "Stand up for fit" wherein they will have their trained in-house experts to guide you for finding the right lingerie in their stores. We believe that the first step to your perfect fit is to receive advice from experts, who can offer correct measurement with advice on tailored cuts to flatter natural body shape. We suggest even if you think that you know your correct size, you should go meet the experts at Triumph and confirm it or maybe just educate yourselves on what kind of lingerie goes well with what kind of clothes – it’s not as easy as it looks!

“Stand up for fit” is Triumph’s mission to help women discover their actual size and break down barriers when searching for advice on lingerie and personal fittings. You can ask all your queries to the Triumph advisors, know about correct bra type for you, get tips on getting rid of straps digging into your skin and leaving marks, even the correct steps to wear the bra properly and lots more. 

We are really looking forward to this campaign by Triumph to make women not only more comfortable but positively confident. Join Triumph’s fit sessions to “Find the One”! You can visit their stores at leading retailers like Shoppers Stop, Lifestyle, Pantaloons, Central, Westside and Globus or visit their exclusive brand outlets in High Street Phoenix, Mumbai and Express Avenue, Chennai.

Also, stay tuned to know more about Triumph’s upcoming new collection for T-Shirt and Ethnic Print bras.

Urmi's Outfit: Top, Forever 21 |Shorts,  Export surplus store in Andheri

Hemal's Outfit: Top, Vero Moda | Shorts, Colaba

Photo Credit: Jaina Kumar

Location Courtesy: AA Living

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