Treasure trove

Like every other girl, we're afflicted with hoarding. The wardrobe keeps filling to the brim and newer clothes keep coming and piling on to the already gigantic collection. Any minute now and the closet might burst like a pair of jeans that have become too tight and are past their wear.

Sometimes, epiphanies strike when instead of adding on to your closet, you decide to explore the treasure trove sitting in plain sight. It's mind blowing how many outfits you'll find, unused, untouched and some completely under-appreciated.

Sitting in the back of my closet were some gems that kept slipping to the back of my mind while the ever expanding wardrobe took over. As your style sensibilities enhance and change through age, you become more and more understanding of the outfits you wouldn't wear back then and how you could incorporate them now. The post, in all its entirety has been picked out of the wardrobe and it's dumbfounding how I have absolutely never worn these pieces before. No, literally! The bustier is back from my school days. Who knew it would make its way into one of the posts now! Pairing it up with now trendy statement boho earrings totally did the deed and enhanced it. Sometimes what you neglected years ago turns out to be the missing piece to your outfit and fits like a glove.

It's crazy how many new looks you can make with these completely unused beauties. All you need is some time to dig into your closet and wear something that you haven't touched in ages. It's not that difficult! Now here's what to do to dress up differently everyday:

  1. Hunt your closet for statement pieces - One at a time. Be wise & team up one of your statement pieces with basics. This will accentuate its already striking features.
  2. Always start at the bottom of the pile - We tend to end up wearing whatever is kept on the top of the pile out of laziness. Go-to clothes gotta go! Always start looking from the bottom of the pile to get the untouched pieces out.
  3. Keep it simple - don't over-complicate and stress yourself whilst deciding what to wear. Think simple & wear what your day feels like
  4. Keep it organised - This is the most important thing. You HAVE to keep your closet organised to find the rights things at the right time. I usually keep it color coordinated & even different piles of basics, dress tops, shirts, dresses, throws etc. Also i do judge people with their wardrobe status ;)
  5. Be kind on your pocket - If you really get into it, you can create a variety of different and experimental looks. That means less trips to the mall, and lesser expenditure on new outfits. Make do with what you have and you may just surprise yourself with the number of stylish outfits you come up with. Trés fun!

Also, we shot these pictures at a few local garages and workshops near my vicinity & the people there were so humble to let us shoot without any questions asked. Sometimes when you think things are going to be difficult, they actually aren't. So don't give up before trying! Breathe.

Look 1 : White throw, Baise Gaba | Bustier, Vintage | Pants, Splash|Earrings, Nakhrewaali| Footwear, Target

Look 2 : Mirror- Jacket, Fashion Quotient by Lipsy| Denim dress, Splash|Earrings, Nakhrewaali| Neckpiece, Rajasthan| Shoes, Singapore (local)

Look 3 : Embroidered Jacket, Splash | Crop top, Forever 21| Shorts, Singapore (local)| Earrings, Nakhrewaali| Footwear, Forever 21

Photo Credit: Jaina Kumar

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