Top 5: Instagramable places in Bali

Reminiscing what we can only call a fantastic vacation, we can’t help but miss the feeling of the Bali sun on our skin and the smell of a well-earned holiday in the air. That and some retail therapy we’re sure not to recover from soon! That aside, what can we be really said about beautiful Bali?

We’ll not get into much detail but here’s some information you’d definitely want for your itinerary. Every corner you turn, Bali has a view to offer. A vista here, a tropical paradise there. Nothing much, just the prettiest view you’d ever seen. After all, you don’t see all those stunning pictures of Bali plastered all over Instagram for nothing! It is an Instagrammer’s dream and as much as it may seem like a cliché, our top 5 picture-worthy spots in Bali are enough to give you a suitcase full of memories to take back and an extremely full camera roll.

Here’s our countdown of picture-worthy and definitely ‘gram approved spots in Bali!

  1. Bali Swing (Tegalalang):
You’ve got to be living under a rock to not know the Bali swing. It is by far the prettiest sight in all of Bali to picture, to experience and to witness. If you’re 100% acrophobic, believe us when we say that this is not for you. That said, the Bali swings are situated in the calm, serene and extremely scenic fields of Tegalalang. A quick ride on the swing offers you a gorgeous view of surrounding fields and a panoramic view of the area. If you’re more of a culture vulture, this place has some intense and deeply flavorful teas and coffee to offer. So hop on the swing and do it for the ‘gram – just don’t look down!

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