The Sudoku of Fashion

You are essentially who you create yourself to be and all that occurs in your life is the result of your own making.
Quote: 'Clothes maketh man'
End Quote: 'More clothes, more accessories and more shoes and more bags, maketh woman'
So the alpha and omega of our being, is our appearance, our outfits our thoughts and of course not to forget, our own fashion. However sometimes we are stuck to  coincidences, like some sweet gesture of providence.
In our case we feel uppish, because we are stuck to certain numbers for some reason, some say its angelic but we feel it's cool. We usually see a specific number  sequence when we glance the clock 11:11,12:34, 2:34, 4:56. Could there be a purpose behind it.!? We see a chronology in our bills etc. And lots of number sequences both at work and play. We don't know how of the celestial these numbers could be, but we definitely find these numbers to be supreme in our lives.Thus, as you know we tried our hands at making a few bags this time. And what could be better than starting with some numbered bags. We all have seen and loved number tees then why not bags. We chose to do it with some nice metallics.
Urmi is carrying a red metallic numbered tote with muted blue and white tones in her outfit. Also available in grey metallic. Hemal is carrying a round sling bag with her sporty chic attire.
Tell us how do you like our attempt at making these bags. Bingo !!! Also get your hands on some quirky tee’s !!!
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On Hemal : Skirt & Top, Forever21| Shoes, Zara| Neckpiece,| Watch, Guess

On Urmi : Pants & shades, Forever21| Tee back, Bershka| Jacket, Bandra| Watch, Fossil| Neckpiece, H&M| Rings, Forever21| Shoes, Chemistry

Photo Credit: Parth Daga

Kartik Negandhi


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