The Nike Roshe Story

Being stylists constantly has us on the run. Whether it's attending meetings, sourcing outfits or even shooting blog posts, work life has us living in the fast lane. Before getting to what the post is about,

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Always being on our toes really demands us to be in flat and comfortable no-fuss shoes. Flats and sports sneakers wouldnt suffice, giving us pain by the end of the day. That's when we got the Nike Roshe and boy, has it been useful!

The Nike Roshe is immensely comfortable and light, almost giving you a floaty feeling. It is not a pair of sports sneakers, but unique running inspired lifestyle sneakers. The story behind the sneakers and its design depicting a stepping stone zen garden really fascinated us. Known for its zen ideology, it not only showcases it through design, but also through wear, giving a feeling of acute relief and ease. Its simplicity and minimalistic look makes it versatile and perfect for any outfit, but rather its comfort and style amalgamate flawlessly to produce a smart pair of footwear that is designed to keep your feet ache free and airy.

The Nike Roshe is definitely a major bonus to our closets and we are quite literally beginning to live in them. Comfort, cool and colour, it has it all and needless to say. And mind you, these are not just for the dailys, wear it to a fashion week, or dress them up for your saturday evenings, you will surely make heads turn with this lifestyle sneaker.

If you're based out of Mumbai, the Nike Roshe is now available in the Nike stores at Linking Road (Bandra) and Colaba.

Hemal's Outfit: Skirt (Similar), Forever 21 |Tshirt, Mesh (bandra) | Shades, Rayban | Shoes, Nike Roshe |Watch, Daniel Wellington 

Photo Credit: Jaina Kumar

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