Greeting our moods is quite a thing. It often gets tickled up when we personify our fashion. All we need is to just get a little perky about our dress list. Busy routines are giving us unconventional motivation to keep up with our regular postings. We've been hare footed in doing oodles of shoots whenever we wrest little free time, and thus we keep darting into our blog.

There are few things that are immortal but you cant call them basics. One such radical thing we all own is stripes. We are sporting nauticals today, both bought at the lowest prices from our very own Bandra streets.

Urmi is wearing her nautical striped comfy shorts with a neutral georgette top layering it with a paisley print shirt. Hemal is wearing her nautical vest with a biege bandleader jacket from Promod. The bright colors in our respective outfits break the monotony of the muted colors. Take a look!

Photo Credit

Parth Daga

Tamanna L

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