The Mumbai Vibe

We’re absolutely jaded Mumbaikars, so much so that one half of us is a former Townie and the other half an experienced Western Burbie. Yet believe us when we say that there is no city like Mumbai, that offers an experimental stage to everyone quite like it. With it growing as a hub for all things innovative, there sure is no dearth of new joints opening up every other day. The cultural atmosphere of Mumbai is evolving and to brings its very personality to the fore, we visited the namesake – Mumbai Vibe! For hardcore foodies like us, there is never an overdose of new eateries. Both of us love to eat at new places and experiment with new dishes. This time around I didn’t have Hemal's company but when there’s food there is always a way! The place has a lovely vibe. Especially with the table we had chosen, making us feel like eating in our own backyard with homegrown vegetables. The entire dining experience was wholesome, warm and very rustic. Much like our meals, we’ll dive right into it and give you a low-down on the delectable courses we chowed down on.
  1. Spaghetti Bella Roma with Mushrooms, Bell Peppers & Onions (Aglio Olio style)
We like how Mumbai Vibe has a perfect proportion, that’s just right. It’s neither too less nor too much. The spaghetti was flavorsome with al-dente vegetables, which we love. Absolutely firm to the bite. Overcooked vegetables are total dish and texture killers with their mushy form. Our were perfect and we got them just how we like it!    

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