The IIFA experience With Vivo V5s

Nothing can quite jolt us out of our dream yet and tell us it’s reality. As we detailed over our last post and our many many Instagram updates, we are currently in New York and having an absolute blast! We are not only overjoyed with the exposure we’ve received but also overwhelmed over the chance we’ve received to experience the biggest Indian Award show in a foreign country.

Getting to travel with fellow bloggers from different cities, to exploring every nook and cranny of the city! We’ve left our footprints and marked ourselves over the city. Can you picture anything better than travelling to the best city in the world with your absolute best friend? The entire journey from the get go has been surreal and how. The cherry on this very wholesome cake has been attending IIFA – a total dream come true moment for Bollywood fanatics like us. When the majority of your conversations are laden with iconic dialogues being quipped to each other back and forth, attending this mega celebration of the Indian film industry is a pinch-me moment. Our love for Bollywood made this a once in a lifetime opportunity. Getting to see celebrities perform live on stage and getting a chance to represent the blogger brigade with a cool brand like Vivo makes everything much more larger than life than it is.

Of course, no part of this journey is complete without our dressing dilemmas. Celebrities do it on a daily basis and we can surely tell you that they’re pros and they definitely know what they’re doing. Locking down our outfits for the function was trouble but we sailed through the predicament plaguing us.

Us being us, we decided to stick to our style - simple with classic silhouettes. There’s a reason they say that less is more and we are ardent followers of it, obviously.

Urmi opted to wear a crimson-coral hued gown by The Clothing Rental. The neckline is beautifully accentuated which gives the simple look a chic and stylish touch. Effortless and also oh-so-comfortable. Hemal, on the other hand, went for a more bold and dramatic look. She chose an embellished jumpsuit by Babita Malkani for the event. The jumpsuit was a different choice compared to your tradition gowns, and the caped feature made it the perfect glamorous choice for the evening.

We love our What Wear How family and even though we’ve given a sneak peek to the story through our social media profiles, let us take you through our experience through our cameras.


Hemal's Outfit: Embellished jumpsuit, Babita Malkani | Jewellery, Minerali

Urmi's Outfit: Gown, The Clothing Rental | Jewellery, Minerali

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