The Beach diaries with Accessorize

The ocean of friendship stretches out before us calling us to plunge into it and there is no end of treasures we can discover within its depth. At the touch of love and friendship everyone becomes a poet. Isn't it ?! Its time of the year when festivals are around and people are planning holidays.

Holidays for us however is at an arms length. Vacation, fiesta and break seemed masked so far, so we decided to take a fluky break. We went to the beach, had some fun, collected some shells and just sat there in serenity.

Sharing with you guys whats in our beach bag carrying --- just all the essentials. Your swimwear, an extra pair of clothing, sunblock is one thing we never forget. Not only at the beach but make it a habit to apply it everyday before stepping out irrespective of the season. Put in some 'your kinda' entertainment material like your ipod-earphones or a book or a notepad to list down your to-dos or just to pen down a few words.

Coming to what we wore, for us beach is all about chunking up arms, semi-precious stones, arm candies and getting your hippie self out. Urmi chose to go with brocade shorts and an oversized pullover from Mango. Some beachy stone jewels are a complete must-have and layering with your minimal neckpieces at the beach gets 100 points from us. Hemal opted to go with some threads and anklets again working really well at our beach party .

To get all the right stuff you know we would suggest, check out Accessorize new collection that we are drooling over. From beach bags to backpacks and to get all the classy and colorfull stuff, this is the place.

We hope you guys enjoyed our beach diaries with Accessorize! Coming up with some more such fun diaries.. Any suggestions, do comment below?
ON URMI: Top, Mango | Shorts, somewhere from the states| all accessories, Accessorize
ON HEMAL: Top, Mango | Shorts, Old Navy| all accessories, Accessorize

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