Telling our tale

We really have come a long way. We don't mean about our accolades but this is about us. Our journey that continues to be full of highs and lows, surprises both good and bad and the priceless bond that we have come to make with each other and the blog. We can't imagine how immature we were when we started about 6 years ago. Not only the blog but this is about us, our friendship. But this really was destined for us, we started out of nowhere, just two simple girls trying to make a career out of literally nothing. Starting from the absolute scratch!

It really came naturally to us where one said and the other agreed. It's like Ying and Yang, where one fit where the other lacked. Out of a 10000 things, we were mutual and unanimous on 9999. We used to talk about boyfriends, nightouts, blah blah and now its all about husbands, wedding to-dos & savings. Shopping is the only thing that is still common though. Almost sacred!

I still can't believe that Hemal is married. I am sure this happens to all of you guys too. She is now going from being a townie to a 'burbie' which hilariously entails her moving out from SoBo and coming to the side where you can't always see the sea. But she is going to be closer to me, so I am super excited about this move.

I shot this look recently, trying something different with off-the-shoulder trend. Don't dare to wear this in the summers, this look will work really well for a slightly chilly weather!

Till Hemal gets back from her Greek honeymoon, you guys can have a little more of me!


Outfit: Dress, Fashion Quotient by Lipsy | Shirt dress, Only | Footwear, Target

Photo Credit: Mansi Manek

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