Street Chic

From one stretch to another, and everything in between the streets of Mumbai are a beautiful bustling and chaotic playground for all things fashion. Whether it is the local markets or the unique treasures you find in them, we love the secrets these streets have to offer us. Mirroring their charm, we bring out our inner bohos to play. With our reliable sneakers on our feet, we sport contrasts with feminine cuts accompanied by that indelible element of quirk. Fusing the allure of the streets with our statements jackets and indo-western jewellery, we take to the roads to flaunt our take on the style. Loud pops of colour and prints, unabashed and thrown in with a blend of that classic street cool demeanour. Of course, any of that is incomplete without our trusty pair of reflectors and a steaming hot glass of cutting chai!


Shot & Edited by: Parth Daga

Concept: What Wear How

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