Strawlous stance

You must have seen this guy on and off the ramp but little do people know what he is upto now! Siddharth Rawal has come a long way, from being a model to now a designer, has launched a clothing brand which makes men's shirts and with this we mean not your regular shirts but something different that everyone is looking for. Hot selling aztec and paisley prints, quirky pocket shirts, summery denim shirts etc. His stuff is available on a very trusted site, .

Coming to online shopping, we have noticed that majority of shopping for men be it husbands/ sons/ fathers/ brothers have been done by women. Lets hear it out from all of you, what could be the reason?! Is it because they are unsure about the fit or they think women's clothing choice is better? Or they are just not interested in any kind of shopping be it online or in-store or anything else?!

Talking about the shoot, we thought what better than get him to model for the blog and here he is sporting his shirt collection, girls watch out for him and boys its time to revamp your wardrobes!

See/ Shop full collection:

Photo Credit: Devraj Pandey

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