Steal Deals

Nothing makes our heart beat faster than a fashion sale. Especially we girls get uncommonly nervy and indulge into picking up all the possible stuff we actually don't need but it's on sale so what to do ! just take it ;)

 At first we feel the fun and then the pinch and then the punch.
We used to think we were the strangest people in the world but then we thought there are so many people, just like us who feel bizarre and get flawed in the same ways as we do when we see red sale boards all along our way, wherever we go, its like the sign follows us like a deadly ghost. And if we don't go to it, it haunts us in our dreams and next thing we know is we pick up stuff that wasn't  even on our list. Thats how crazy fashion makes us. We are sure we all go through this. In spite of paucity of funds we some how manage an unplanned shopping.
Lets cut this short here because we are so excited to show you the best deals we got this end of sale season.
Hemal got her hands on this statement cardigan and a pair of denims she's been looking for from Zara and Urmi got her best deals from Promod, both these pants and the leather jacket at peanut prices. 
On Urmi: Pants & Jacket, Promod | Vest, Zara | Bag, Accessorize | Shoes, Aldo | Rings, Forever 21 | Bangle, Amrapali| Neckpiece, DIY
On Hemal: Pants & cardigan, Zara | Vest & Shoes, Forever 21 | Accessories, Colaba | Bag, Call It Spring
Photo Courtesy: Parth Daga

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