Sport chic vs Girl chic

There are times when we think that only an ideal wardrobe full of multi faceted clothes will suit our doldrums and our clothes become like our understanding friends—always ready to meet our mood, always ready to change the subject when we have had enough of this or that.

It so happens that at times we want to dress like a boy- a fellow half-pint; and sometimes like the girl next door and sometimes not dressy at all - just junky. One such day is today, when we've decided to pick up the eternal tie and dye prints from our wardrobe because its time to spiff them up again. You'll definitely see them a lot around too.

Coming back to the temperament of the day, Urmi decks her maxi dress with some traditional oxidise bangles showing her girl power whereas Hemal is in her sporty avatar in the crafty skater dress where she chooses to tot it up with some layering and lace ups too.

What dressing mood are you in today?!

On Urmi : Maxi Dress, WWH| Shoes, Redress (bandra)| Shades, Rayban| Bangles, Everywhere

On Hemal : Skater skirt & Neckpiece, Forever 21| Shirt, Colaba|Tie-dye top, Zara Shades, Bandra (Linking road)| Shoes, Max| Bangles, Fab India

Photo Courtesy: Parth Daga

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