Simple Silhouettes

Dressing up doesnt necessaily mean decking up with an ounce of make up and putting on all that bling in your outfit. You can make a statement with your simplest outfits as well.


We teamed up these simple silhouettes with nothing at all, no accessories and just minimal make-up and still end up looking enough dressy to go for may be a good sunday brunch party. We prefer minimal anyday over all that jazz. You would usually see us in simple matte make-up keeping the look fresh & luminous.


Urmi is wearing a silk overall with a linen knee long jacket with basic ear studs. Urmi has a pear-shaped body and not all jumpsuits/overalls fit really well on her body type but we love this one, how it falls without clinging to the body.

Hemal has paired her tube maxi dress with an off shoulder top. She has thin broad shoulders and you'll not see her very often in outfits without sleeves but off-shoulders really is a thing. Dont shy away if you have that collar bone to show off.


Love off-shoulders? Read more (here).


We would love to hear what you guys think of minimalist style. Do you love it like we do?!

Urmi's Outfit: Overall, Zara (similar) | Jacket, Zara (more jackets) | Earrings, Pipa Bella

Hemal's Outfit: Dress, Zara (more dresses) |  Blouse, Zara (similar)| Footwear, Local

Photo Credit: Jaina Kumar

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