Season-less Wardrobe Essentials

A well set wardrobe has more to it than just clothes. It is a pure reflection and an eloquent expression of your own individuality. The magic of memorable moments lie in the details of things you own there-in. Your closet is ur personality charm. In your hands you hold something considerably significant, but you can never do away with some basics. And while talking about different styles and statements we often forget to mention about basics.

These are the attires that not only complete our wardrobes, but also play a savior when we don't know what to wear. Here we are listing 4 such essentials, which are season-less and that everyone should own.

1. A white tee - Self explanatory, isn't it?! This is the first thing that comes to our mind when we don't feel like dressing up and its just a casual day. It is a MUST HAVE. Get it in a fit and fabric that you are comfortable in. We love the basic tees available at Splash and they are priced at peanut rates.

Pants, Bandra| Tee, Splash| Watch, Guess| Neckpiece & bag, Accessorize| Shoes, Westside

2. A well fitted denim - If you don't have this, your wardrobe cannot be called a wardrobe. Everyone whether a girl or a guy should mandatorily own a denim and more importantly that fits well.

Pants, Bag & Tee, Forever 21| Shoes, Westside | Watch, Guess

Points to remember while looking for a good denim:

A) look for a narrow/straight fit (flairy/baggy denims can be worn once in a while) narrow and perfect fit ones are going to be with you forever.

B) To your length; cut it or infold/out-fold it but they should be your length to give your legs a good shape and hence make you look tall and your perfect height. The ones that gather a lot at the bottom tend to visually shorten your height.

C) Look for a good denim fabric, we hate the ones that are really thick, they get on to us when we have to wear them for a really longer time. We love denims at Levis and Forever21.

3. The Little Black Dress (LBD) - Oh! and everyone knows about this one. Doesn't this come to your mind every time you think of partying and every time you want to dress up and look good. We all know what magic the colour black does on every skin tone.

Dress, H&M| Forever 21| Shoes, Aldo | Watch, Guess| Rings, Forever 21| Clutch, Accessorize

4. A maxi dress - We know not all of you would have this, but trust us you should hunt for this one now, once you have it you'll know what we mean. Airy, light and comfy, maxi dresses have to be the next essential in your wardrobe. You can just throw them on anytime you want when you feel like dressing down or dressing up. Its just a matter of accessorising it to the occasion.

Maxi, Forever 21| Shoes, Westside | Watch, Guess| Neckpiece & Denim shirt, bandra| Bag, Calvin Klien

Email us for any queries on basics, how to wear them and where to get them. We ll be happy to answer your queries.

Photo Courtesy: Kartik Negandhi

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