Weekend Binging at Rustico

We eat and we work out and there is nothing to be guilty about (secretly we still crib & cry). But who can turn away from foood! We enjoy eating, experimenting and trying new things. If there was a way to track us on our devices, you would often find us browsing and drooling on Zomato more than anywhere else.

This time around we tried a place whose Blue door had always fancied us - Rustico. Its a mix of a family diner & a hookah lounge for youngsters. Us being more of the former, chose to stuff our faces with dishes instead! We tried on some lip-smacking delicacies that we would be talking about in this post. Staying true to their name, the restaurant has very rustic yet cool interiors, the food is flavourful and a very helpful and accommodating staff as well. Bon appetit? Hell yeah!

Plum Mint Cooler & Spicy Guava - Nothing beats some fresh seasonal fruit drinks on a hot hectic day. The plum drink is definitely a mind refresher and Guava again is the ideal choice if you have spicy taste buds like ours.

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@2014:www.whatwearhow.in | all rights reserved      pixels crafted with love by infinista concepts