Review: Garnier Ultra Blends

With the fluctuating weather and the rainy season, it's mandatory for us to change our wardrobe and beauty habits constantly.


We were recently introduced to The Ultra Blends range by Garnier, made of natural ingredients. It comes in variations for different hair types and deals with different hair issues. Our first pick from the lot is the nourishing shine version which comes in a wine coloured packaging and tackles dull and lifeless hair.


My (Urmi) hair had become annoyingly unmanageable and with my scalp being oily, I am always on a lookout for gel based shampoos. The Henna & Blackberry worked really well for my hair, keeping the scalp non-greasy & super clean, with hair falling straight which otherwise waves up weirdly at times. The fragrance & its paraben free formula is another factor for me to love this shampoo & more than anything, it really feels nourished.


Next up, I also tried the Royal Jelly & Lavender which is an anti-hair fall shampoo - it made my hair really smooth and soft. I am not sure whether the anti-hair fall element worked because no product has really worked for my hair-fall situation as yet.

  If you guys would like us to review any other variant from the Garnier Ultra Blends range or just anything else, do comment below!

Urmi's Outfit: Overall, H&M

Hemal's Outfit: Top, Bangkok

Location Courtesy: Meuble India (Lower Parel, Mumbai)

Photo Credit: Jaina Kumar

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