Paint the town pink

It doesn’t take the finesse of an expert or the eye of an artist to see that inspiration is ubiquitous. Whether in the stroke of a brush, the sound of rain as they kiss the Earth or even in the little things that happen everyday that somehow misses our eye. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder and testament to that fact, we did find inspiration.

 It’s a well-accepted axiom now that we love colors, with it playing a major deciding factor in our day-to-day wardrobe choices. Color is our inspiration and it surely shows in this shoot with Aldo.

“Little things matter”, it has been said over time. Bearing Witness to this, we did find inspiration in the colors that surround us. Aldo this season is back is all about pinks, metallics & florals. From the blushing hue of delicate roses to flamingo pink cotton candy, the Power of Pink is ineluctable.

“Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world”. Women and shoes are a beautiful thing; Carrie Bradshaw surely knew the importance of it. You don’t need too many, but if you have the right one you can surely rule the world! These babies by Aldo definitely got us feeling so and when the power of pink meets the power of a good pair of heels, you know it doesn’t get better.

We couldn’t think of a better theme to go with these fairytale-like shoes with that cute bow on top & the beautiful snake textured pumps. Urmi mono-chromed her bowed pumps with a suave tube dress & Hemal dancing the evening in these comfy pumps and the tutu skirt.

A pair can make or break your outfit, but be what it might let it always reflect you and be inspired or be an inspiration. The beauty and legacy of shoes is one that should be passed on, after all. So, go. Explore. In the nooks, the crannies and everywhere unexpected. That’s the beauty of inspiration. You can discover it just about anywhere. Or it discovers you when you least expect it. Take a walk in those shoes!

 See their full collection here: ALDO SHOES

Urmi's Outfit: Dress, The Clothing Rental | Arm candy, Aldo |Rings, Old Navy| Shoes, Aldo

Hemal's Outfit: Top, The Clothing Rental|Skirt, The Clothing Rental|Watch, Daniel Wellington| Shoes, Aldo

Location Courtesy: Grandmama's Cafe (Lower Parel, Mumbai)

Photo Credit: Jaina Kumar

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