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Yachting on the high sea or sailing the kayak on silent waters, speeding the bicycles or jogging the muscles, what matters the most is striking the right balance of our speeds and feeling the comfort in the sport we choose. Now the question for us was: Style first or comfort? Of course we opt for the comfort. For you to feel good and gorgeous about yourself comes from within only if you are well fixed, well-fitted, well-heeled, well off, easy going and utmost comfortable.

Comfort is not just a key but an entire theory which has no downside. If you are comfortable with what you wear, you can conquer the world.

Today we are talking about one such brand equivalent to comfort and style, Adidas Originals. We were eyeing these shoes and now we cant take our feet off it. We can literally even sleep in them.

For Urmi, it was a worthwhile addition to her thick-soled shoes. She is a fan of such white soles and floral who doesn't like?! For Hemal it was an unusual shoe style and color that she tried and now is totally in awe of it. This is how we wore our kicks with even more comfortable tee and jumper from the brand.

PS: Its not just your gym wear, you can wear these on a daily basis with style and much more comfort.

On Urmi: Tshirt & shoes, Adidas Originals | Pants & Shades, Zara | Rings, Romwe.com | Watch, Anne Klien| Bracelet, Sarojini Nagar (delhi)
On Hemal: Jumper & Shoes, Adidas Originals | Legging, Zara | Bag, Accessorize
Photo Credit: Kartik Negandhi


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@2014:www.whatwearhow.in | all rights reserved      pixels crafted with love by infinista concepts