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We’ve always received endless queries about how we style our OOTDs. How we style our routine outfits or how we take it from basic to statement are questions that we’ve been asked repeatedly. When it all comes down to it, we just keep one thing in mind and that is to make our outfits fun. It’s really no rocket science. 5 tips are all you need to take your outfit from what? to WOW!
  1. L A Y E R!
Layer, layer, layer. We can’t stress this enough. While we do love our basics and casuals, layering them or any outfit for that matter can freshen up the dullest of looks. We’re talking everything from jackets, to kurtas and even culottes paired together. You are only limited by your own imagination!
  1. A C C E S S O R I Z E!
Accessories are to outfits like French fries are to burgers. You get the picture. While we love going the minimal route when it comes to accessorizing, a little bling here and there is sometimes essential to tie an outfit together. It doesn’t always have to be flashy. A dainty bracelet or a geometric ring goes a long way!
  1. T H I S, T H A T & MORE!
An outfit gets a lot more interesting when you pair it with something that doesn’t traditionally go with it. When we deck up in ethnic wear we love adding a touch of western wear to it. Like perhaps adding a leather waist belt to an otherwise ethnic look. Or maybe adding an ethnic look to an otherwise western look for a change. Either way, the vice versa concept works and HOW!
  1. S N E A K E R S RULE!
Ever since sneakers made a comeback, everyone has been all for it and we are too. Its undeniable appeal has made it a longstanding classic go-to for us. From comfort, to providing that casual edginess to our looks, sneakers are definitely a part of the WWH OOTD DNA. K?
  1. ADD A S T A T E M E N T!
All out or bust! You can still be minimal in style with a loud accessory. They don’t say it’s all in the details for nothing. It could be anything! A belt, a bright color in your ensemble or something that you think could instantly catch attention. Wear what makes you comfortable and be in your own skin, don’t try to be someone who you aren’t. Style comes when it is effortless! We styled these Khara Kapas outfits keeping the same things in mind. Hemal using the oxblood velvet belt as her statement piece gives the look a richer feel although minimal in its essence. While Urmi layers up with an ethnic touch to the trench with some silver jewelry. The basic rule though, is to simply have fun! Comment below and let us know if you’d love more tips or if you’re stuck with any of your occasional outfits!

Hemal's Outfit: Top, Khara Kapas | Pants, Khara Kapas | Shoes, H&M | Belt, Vero Moda| Sunglasses, Ray Ban

Urmi's Outfit: Dress, Khara Kapas | Jacket, Khara Kapas | Shoes, H&M | Neckpiece, Rajasthan|Earrings, Aquamarine|  Sunglasses, Ray Ban

Photo Credit: The Tilted Lens

Written by: Hemantee Vijan

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  • Priyanka

    Hello – Urmi and Hemal – In this day and age where so many folks are aware about the impact of fast fashion brands. What are your thoughts on continuing to shop and support places like forever 21 and h and m? As fashion bloggers and influencers, have you given a thought on how to increase awareness fashion causes and how we can – as a community – come up with a solution? I would love to hear your thoughts.


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