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The summer sun is torridly gawking at one and all. Don’t know why !! Humid heat waves are creeping up into the atmosphere rubbing up our nerves and making our attires ruffle. Working in this muggy summer heat leaves us feeling a bit worn out. So we suggest we all should revive ourselves with something that will soothe the minds and the souls of 'We - the girls'.

Like such there are a thousand things that we say are a girl’s best friend; deals and promotions are definitely one of them. The minute we get to know about any deal, we get an adrenalin rush. Here, we are getting you one such offer from ONLY. In this nutty hot summer when we want to keep our outfits light-weight and easy flowing, there seems to be a need to chunk it up with some good statement pieces as well.

And ONLY brings to you Summer of Style where you get FREE ACCESSORIES worth INR 2,000/- on purchase of merchandise worth INR4,000/-.

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To make it more simple for you guys, we have worked our some smart casuals for you guys from ONLY. Sharing two of our looks in this post, the other two would follow in the next. Take a look at our best picks from the brand.

Look 1: Shorts are must for the season; see Hemal teaming it with denim shorts, a spiked neckpiece and Urmi in a light-weight, playful denim suit jumping around with the polka bagpack and arm candy. We are totally in love with their accessories and such add-ons.

Look 2: Denims and scarves, needless to say; just for your regular look. ONLY has some eye soothing picks for scarves to die for this season and denims are just unavoidable.

Stay tuned to find out the other two looks from ONLY.

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