One by three

While everyone is trying their fancy best with different styles & shouting trying to sell even crazier looks, we’re content with the art of the casual cool.

Nothing sings to us like the concept of laid-back casuals. Being OTT or over the top, just doesn’t exist in our dictionary. Believe us when we say that if we could, we’d switch our bridals heels for sneakers where comfort meets style. Yet, being comfortable doesn’t always equate to compromising on style for us. We still like to juj up our outfits.

A look doesn’t have to be exaggerated or loud for it to be striking. There’s a reason they say the beauty lies in the details and indeed it does. For us, the beauty lies in the design, the prints, the color and even the silhouettes. It could be something as simple as a white shirt with a bell sleeve silhouette. Comfort is prime and style is a close second. For sure a trick to also increasing the longetivity of your closet.

Definitely a WWH mantra you wouldn’t mind living by. Trust us!


Hemal's Outfit: Top, One by Three| Palazzo, Vraj Bhoomi| Footwear, Bangkok| Sunglasses, Ray Ban | Watch, Daniel Wellington

Urmi's Outfit: Top, One by Three|Palazzo, Vraj Bhoomi| Footwear, Forever 21| Sunglasses, Ray Ban | Earrings, 

Photo Credit: Jaina Kumar

Written by: Hemantee Vijan


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