Multipack for the smart shy bwoys!

Wardrobe changes or styling, fashion or no fashion. Boys are usually so blithe, but they do wish to look up-to-the-minute, after all why should girls have all the fashion and fun... So we had our friend fly down to Mumbai to visit us. And for those who come to meet us don’t leave the city without shopping, and we make sure they have the best of attires ever. He wanted a change in his wardrobe but like all boys he wouldn’t say so, subsequently we took him to Jack and Jones to check some really cool stuff up on the store.

We made him try quite some things keeping his style in mind yet giving him a tad bit of a transformation. He prefers wearing solid colors, wants to experiment but always ends up just trying different stuff till the trial room, this time he walked out with a bunch of unique prints for his wardrobe. We tried on him denim shirts, ombre, camouflage, whites, and a lot other prints.

What didnt work for him was the polka dots and the rest was just so cool, let us show you what he ended up buying without any regrets.

For those who adore these styles should grab them now at Jack And Jones on-going seasonal sale!

Photo Courtesy: Parth Daga

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