Miss to Mrs

It’s absolutely mind-blowing what wondrous miracles can be pulled off with only a month to prepare for the wedding, when the best people surround you. Despite the time crunch and the standard ups and downs that plague every wedding prep, it has been an absolutely beautiful journey. One that I was lucky to share with everyone that I love.

At the same time, I was moving into a new home, which multiplied the amount of work to be managed. Yet somehow, I sailed through with everyone’s support especially Hemal who had my back as always and is more than a sister to me.

It’s no wonder that she and my real sister, Upasana were my bridesmaids! Keeping up with all my needs, to helping me with a sea of work and to absolutely taking charge of so many things that required paying attention to, my bridesmaids were the saving grace in my hour of need.

With the time trouble, I am immensely grateful to God that everything sailed smoothly regardless. Like every bride, the biggest challenge for me was my wedding outfit, which, a huge thanks to Monica from Jade, was taken care of, putting my worries to rest. I really cannot thank her enough for helping me prepare for my big day with my outfit, which was every bit as dreamy and magical as I had imagined it back when I was a girl.

We decided to take the pastel route owing to the sweltering summer heat in Mumbai. The freshness and romantic charm of the palette was the perfect counter for the summer sun. Back when I still hadn’t put a ring on it, my mom and I would always debate on the color of my bridal lehenga. I would always champion for a light pink pastel look while my mom favored the traditional red outfit. Thanks to the trendy celebrity weddings happening these days, she was somehow convinced. Yay! Monica made me the perfect bridal lehenga that had beautiful floral motifs, deliciously mixed with a pastel hue of pink and beige that gave a beautiful and romantic look to the outfit, perfectly complimenting the feel of the wedding. A romantic and intimate gathering of everyone I love and adore.

The whole experience had a bittersweet flavor to it for a lot of reasons, but in retrospect, I cannot count my blessings and be grateful enough to have everything that I needed for a perfect little wedding. Even luckier to have a mother so tough and so loving that I felt like she was right there beside me, guiding me and holding my hand every step of the way while she was there to virtually witness everything. In the end, that’s what matters and overwhelms you with love. She really is the best mother in the world.

However, my family in the flesh more than made up for the bittersweet feeling. My two rocks that were attached to me at the hip throughout the wedding prep. My beautiful bridesmaids, Hemal and Upasana also dressed in pastels & they looked absolutely radiant and our bridal party of 3 looked like something straight out a pastel wonderland. I love how Monica not only dressed them in such gorgeous looks but also kept in mind the summer wedding and so keeping the outfits light weight. They were the right amount of comfort and dressy while keeping it subtly chic. Simple but so stylish.

Now that the wedding craziness is over and as I write this I miss the hullaballoo.  I miss the fun of it all and the mad dash and scrambling. But that’s okay. This is just another new crazy chapter that’s about to begin.


Mrs. Urmi Daga Shah

Shot by: Anuraag Rathi


  • Shivangi Juneja

    Beautiful pictures and your outfits are so dreamy 👌❤😍 How much the photographer costed you?

    1. whatwearhow.in Post author

      Hey! Haha, its actually a long story! We met at event management classes where he started to like me! I never did at first but after 2 years he finally made me say the word! ❤️

  • Savita

    It’s beautiful and dreamy! Pastel theme and this greenery is picture perfect for you guys..!! #diehardfollower

  • Bhakti Parmar

    Hello Urmi,
    Lovely refreshing outfits and and amazing photography. Loved your write-up 🙂 My wedding is planned for Dec and it’s just a one day occasion since my guy would be coming from the States and we are planning to spend more time over a vacay. Can you please help me with the photographer details ? And also with the details that in how much time did your designer prepare your wedding dress ? I am yet to start with the preps which are likely to begin from July. And happy to share this that coincidentally , I will be a Mrs. “Shah” too post my marriage 🙂

    Thank you so much in advance ! Stay blessed 🙂

  • Bhakti Parmar

    Also would appreciate if you could help me with your venue details, mine will be in Ahmedabad though, however did you book a villa or so for the photography ?
    Many thanks in advance 🙂

  • Nikita

    Hey.. First of all wish you an amazing married life ahead!!.. Congratulations you guys!!.. Could you do a brief budget overview of the wedding… So that one could get an idea as to how much one should keep in mind for say clothes /jewellery, makeup, decor, etc.. And also, where is the wedding jewellery from?


    You guys look so pretty! <3
    I am just 21 and my relatives are already asking me to get married in another 2-3 years. All these days I was like that's not happening but seeing these pictures, I almost changed my mind :')
    P.S. No, I am not going to fall in this trap and will marry only when I am mature enough to do so. (Yes, I have learnt that you two beautiful ladies. :*)


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