Mehendi Mania

Play. Pause. Rewind! Let's hit stop for a second and take a little detour from our recent posts on our sojourns. Let's pick up where we left off and hit play again.

We are back to home base and back to work, harder than ever. Back to some full-fledged ad work and touchwood, we love what we do. Nothing makes us more satisfied and content than being busy and having productive days. Our holiday posts definitely gave us that little much needed break to let off some steam. But let's cut to pre-holiday fun when it was all about Hemal's wedding mania!
Let's be honest. Weddings in itself can be quite a task to pull off. It begins with finding venues, a never ending hunt in this city followed by an even more vigorous hunt for outfits. Each of it seems like a hurdle to be jumped over. Hunting for good designers to fit in your budget is like finding a needle in a haystack. Lady luck however seemed to have Hemal's back and we found a local store in her vicinity (comment below with your email address & we shall send you more details) who made gorgeous outfits. This beautiful Patola outfit was made from the same store. There's nothing quite as relieving or gives you as much happiness seeing your outfit created exactly as you imagined it to be. It's a milestone that just proves how far along you've come.
Reflecting on the happy and colorful occasion, Hemal chose to wear a kaleidoscope of beautiful and cheerful shades for her Mehendi. Think a rainbow of colors and Hemal's gleeful smile to add to the happiness. Nothing spells love and joy like a smile on your face (of course, a great outfit helps too!)
While Hemal went all out with colors, Urmi got her outfit from Purple Panchi, taking a more classic subtle route. Shararas are doing the rounds of festive Indian wear and we are hands down loving it. The color of the outfit is perfect for the celebrations and the silhouette and style add just that bit of dressiness needed with the monotony breaking pink dupatta. We shall post about other events soon too but for now we would love for you guys to see how beautifully Anuraag Rathi and his team shot her wedding. We highly recommend him for wedding shoots. His images will bring your favorite day to life as you scroll through the beautiful memories on his reel. Click click!
On Urmi: Outfit, Purple Panchi | Earrings, Rajasthan | Footwear, Target
On Hemal: Outfit, Local designer (South Bombay - comment below with your email address for more details) | Earrings, Local
Photo Courtesy: Anuraag Rathi


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