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As the wedding season comes to a resounding end, so are our reasons to doll up in pretty Lehengas and elaborate Indian wear. But then again, have we ever really needed a reason?

With Indian wear comes an excessive need to accessorize! Bright and shiny is the way to go! Metallics and vivacious colors all around. But hey, the age old adage ‘Less is More’ is revisited for a reason! And thus we explored the many designs and stunning wonders created by Anisha Shetty, who puts a modern, fresh and sophisticated twist to ethnic wear.

Scanning through her designs, it’s easy to see why her designs are so appealing. They’ve got the right amount of work, a solid color combination and are overall, very well put together. Her designs redefine the unspoken rule of any Indian outfit – Maximize and Accessorize! She gives us good reason to believe that to stand out with Indian wear, you needn’t necessarily drip in gold and accessories. Find that one key piece in the outfit and let it do the talking! The outfits were dressy enough in itself. Pretty pastel combinations, intricate and elegant work over it with an air of sophistication and neatness in the outfits that is difficult to find these days.

Needless to say, we adored her designs and happily donned the beautiful pieces. We love the paradox that her designs presented us with! Understated yet bold, subtle yet eye-catching and modern with just a hint of that traditional beauty. Her designs give us good reason to believe that revered saying ‘Beautiful things don’t ask for attention.’

 The theory is quite simple and has stood the test of time: Minimum effort for maximum style.

Want to see more of her outfits? Take a look here: Anisha Shetty

You can find her stuff in stores at: The M Store (Santacruz) / Vintage Desi  or you can rent out her lehengas at Meri Atechi (Andheri West)

Urmi's Outfit: Outfit, Anisha Shetty| Footwear,| Headgear, Local

Hemal's Outfit: Outfit, Anisha Shetty|Earrings, Just Jewellery

Photo Credit: Jaina Kumar

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