Light House Cafe

No matter how you slice and dice- dress and appear, food and fashion are inextricably tied. The air around us is an exquisite highway of fun fashion, food, work, holiday and occasion. All these constantly colliding with each other and overlapping the excitement of our whizzing around and our clicks.

We may call ourselves very simple people who love shopping, watching movies, family, house parties, board games and only all such petite things make us smile. However what tops the list is food! We enjoy eating, we either eat good food or no food at all. We thought why not tell you people of our eat-abouts. We love exploring new places in town and check out some interesting outlets that are coming out everyday in the form of cafes and lounges and bars and restaurants.

One such novel place we discovered - The Light House Cafe .Its just 5 days old in the most accessible vicinity - Khar (W).

WHAT: Whats interesting about this place is that it is lit up with around 250 bulbs and hence the name. You have a bar and even tables for a sit down evening/lunch. The place opens at 12 noon to 1.30am. For a drinking kinda place, for most of the other places don't have, Light House Cafe has a really extensive food menu which is a real good thing and has quite a number of options for vegetarians like us from Italian to Mexican to tandoor to Asian options. Talking about alcohol, they have over 50 cocktails excluding your regulars.

WEAR: You can wear just what you want, your smart casuals should be apt for the place, not much thinking needed. We dropped in here for lunch, Urmi wore a plaid shirt dress with gold gladiators and Hemal did a midi-skirt with stripes combo.

HOW: The place gives you a very fresh feel because of its white walls and bulb lightings. We went on a weekday for lunch and they were having quite a busy day.

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