Layering Simpatico

When it feels frosty in the mornings and sauna-like through the day, its ought to be the humid Mumbai season which leaves you atrocious and you ponder what to wear, so we decided to show our readers some easy and thin layerings.

Its time we would wish to pull out some knits and jackets from our wardrobe backs but till it's really too cold we'd better keep ourself easy on clothes, and wear loose and airy attires with some layering techniques which would help us keep warm. Get yourself into some thin comfortable layers to get through the little colder mornings and as the sun shines, get out of the layers to beat the heat.

Urmi wore an easy throw over a casual tank top and grey denims. The thin and sleeve-free layering is so comfortable that she wouldn’t feel to get it off even during the course of the sizzling hot day.

Hemal layered her oxblood basic tee with a studded denim shirt and camel colored pants. As noon advanced she chose to do away with her denim off her shoulders.
Now you'll know why we love the hassle-free layering which solves dual purposes. So try out layering this season and Happy Winters ...
On Urmi: Pants, F21| Tank top, H&M| Cardigan, Only| Watch, Fossil| Shoes, Mesh (Bandra)
On Hemal: Pants, Top, Denim Shirt - Zara | Shoes, Twinkle
 Photo Courtesy: Mansi Shah

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