Keep Calm and Carry On

Almost all conversations today are inevitable without mentioning the current situation. Yet somehow, a great lesson has been learned in humility, mankind and appreciation.

Life is lived everyday like any other. You see the sun, you hear the birds chirp and see the people you see, like any other ordinary day. The thing about the situation at hand though, is that there is a new found and deeper gratitude for the life we get to live, day in an day out, and the many blessings we have.

If there’s anything we are taking from this entire scenario, it is to live life, one day at a time and count every blessing. Now we know that may be heard of before, but in the face of adversity, in times like these that have been unseen, unheard and absolutely unimagined, each word carries greater meaning and emotions.

Here is what we feel particularly thankful for in our lives; For good health, an able body and the ability to sustain it. For the sunlight and outdoors we miss so much. Human beings are like plants and some warm sunlight and fresh air can do wonders for our spirit.

This shoot from just before the lockdown reminds us everyday of how lucky we are to be able to witness these little things daily, even if from the comfort of our homes.For our viewers, our readers, our digital family across channels. The ones who support us and lift us everyday to give and do our best despite the challenges that exist. For the opportunities and projects that come our way that make it possible for us to do what we love and love what we do. Last but not the least, for each other. For this friendship that has sustained across time, situations, relationships and obstacles. For being in this together and coming our stronger.

For the many things we have, we are grateful more than most for these. What do you feel thankful for? It’s a wonderful life. If you’re able to read this, hug a loved one. We are luckier than most after all.

Photo: Abhijeet Kank

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