Buckle up, folks! We’re diving right into party season and the insanity of looking our finest is at its peak. Think colors galore, high-shine all around and then some.

If you ask us, we particularly feel the cheeriness of the season and love indulging in the vibe of the atmosphere through our clothes and our wardrobe. Some say you are what you eat, we say we wear what we feel and how we feel!

Anyhow, coming back to the ~feels~ at hand, we are feeling so many things. Thankful. For our amazing family and friends. Our work and the opportunity it brings along to work alongside some absolutely brilliant people and even better minds. Excited. For the future that awaits us and the thought of doing it all together! But mostly, we feel happy. Happy for everything we have, and don’t (Believe us, that’s not always a bad thing). Happy for the lessons that were learnt and mostly, happy for this life.

Our happiness shows through the colors we drape ourselves in and the smiles that we wear. Maybe that’s why they say ‘when you look good, you feel good’ and it’s no doubt that it works vice-versa as well!

We love colors and everything they say. Our little rendezvous in the nooks of our closet brought out a story of colors playing off each other in a melodious tune.

Hemal plays with nude tones and sets it against a sprightly polka dotted shirt, really tying in the retro feel of the look.

Urmi gets edgy with a bomber jacket and cargo pants. The burst of color with the shoes gives the outfit a much-needed neutralizing element to make it complete. Color blocking is not that difficult as you may think it to be. Here’s a tip, to really get a fun look you can go for two contrasting shades from the warm and cold palette. If you really want to get into it and play with a trio of colors, try pairing 2 colors from the same palette and setting it against a shade from another palette. You’ll see that the creations are endless!

Color, color, which color do you want? Well, we want them all.

It’s a good life, we’re happy and the colors are singing. That’s all.


On Hemal: Top, Primark| Pants, Vero Moda| Blazer, Zara | Sunglasses, H&M

On Urmi: Tank top, Forever 21| Jacket, H&M| Pants, Target | Pumps, Macys| Sunglasses, Francescas

Photographer: Abhijeet (Abys Angles)

Written by: Hemantee Vijan

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@2014:www.whatwearhow.in | all rights reserved      pixels crafted with love by infinista concepts