I Do, (part) Too!

The moments and misses of the now, turn out to be the fondest tales for the future.

Living in the moment isn’t easy. Being consumed by the future is a full-time job for most of us now, anyway.

What if?

It happens?

Doesn’t happen?

They reply?

He doesn’t call?

She says no.

What if? WHAT IF?

So many things to worry about, such little time. But the misses and the worries are the same anecdotes that you’ll laugh about when you’re old, wrinkly and still as fabulous! Our constant scouring through Instagram has taught us a very millennial if not relevant lesson - “If it won’t matter to you in 5 years, don’t spend 5 minutes worrying about it.” Things have a way of working out by themselves if you just let the chips fall in place.

Our story goes something like so. In the crazy roller-coaster ride that was our wedding, Jay and I couldn’t fit in a pre-wedding shoot. Imagine our plight! A literal ‘all dressed up and nowhere to go’ kind of sitch.

Cut to, a year later. We are currently cozying up in our vintage hotel as we speak, in New York, relaxing, unwinding. Loving. Serendipity, have you heard of it? Serendipity (n): the occurrence of events by chance in a happy way.

It’s when things work out in your favour. Where lady luck and chance meet to do wonderful wonderful things. As luck may have it, our favourite wedding photographers, the cool folks of The Wedding Toast were in town, of alllll the towniest towns in the world. Lo and behold, an idea was born. “You’re here, we’re here, let’s get that pre-wedding-now-a-post-wedding shoot done?” Jay and I were ready faster than we could say, ‘I do’. This was our ‘I do, (part) too’!

So off we went. Again, all dressed up, but this time? Oh the places we went! We left our heart and a kiss at Brooklyn Bridge, danced with the lights and each other at Times Square and promised our ‘forever’s’ to the never-ending Manhattan skyline. The city celebrated with us and celebrated us. The lights danced and shone through the night, the people congratulated thinking we’re newlyweds and we ended it with a classic New York-style pizza. Perfect? PRETTY perfect, I’d say.

Jay suited up. I reached for the classics. There’s certain sanctity in white and red. Could be the purity and passion of love. Or maybe I just like the colors?

You see, things have a way of working out. And of all the colors and things I ever wore, love and a smile will always be my favourite. That’s a given.

All my love,

U (feat. J)


On me: Look 1 (Pink off shoulder dress) - Stylist Social available at Macys (USA)

Look 2 (White short dress) - Stylist Social available at Macys (USA)

Look 3 (Pink lehenga with ruffled blouse) - Chamee & Palak (MUMBAI, INDIA)

On Jay: Look 1 (Black Suit) - Macys (USA)

Look 2 (Green Suit) - Custom made

Look 3 (Bandhgala suit) - Custom made

Photo Courtesy: The Wedding Toast

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@2014:www.whatwearhow.in | all rights reserved      pixels crafted with love by infinista concepts