How to recycle your lehenga

A versatile wardrobe is a boon from the Gods. Trust us, we know a thing or two when we say that mixing and matching your closet finds can save you a whole lot of time and money both.

With the festive season setting in, we tackle the ubiquitous lehenga. When it comes to Indian-wear, we personally don’t believe in pinching pennies. After all, the grandeur of wedding-wear shows through good quality and well-designed outfits that can be well on the economical side of it all. That said, how many times could you really repeat the outfit until the same ‘aunty’ comes at you and gives you subtle digs on your look. Quelle horreur! Instead, make the most of your wear by playing and switching up classic styles with a contemporary tinge or a funky twang.

Urmi closes in on a chunky oversized sweater for a top to bring in a subtle street style cool to her Indian look. Oversized is in so cash in on the trend to lend a certain effortless air to otherwise heavy traditional looks. Go ham on the accessories and don’t forget cool blingy sneakers to really up the ante on the outfit!

In another look, Urmi plays with the adaptability of cloth to really manipulate the look. A slight tug on one side of a top gives it a sexy off shoulder look without trying to hard. We love a slight chic peek of sexy with collarbones or shoulders. This style brings that and then some. Cinched with a simple belt, the look is a medley of a unique style take and traditional wear, wonderfully merging together to create a statement look and HOW!

Stayed true to our name, didn’t we?

Until next time.

Outfit: Krupa Jain

Photo Credit: Pixie Dust Films

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