Gypsy wonder, Flower children

Spring. The word immediately brings to the fore thoughts of a soft cool breeze, flowers hanging off vines and wind in our hair. If this didn’t bring a smile to your face and drift you off to la la land, we don’t know what will! The season inherently calls for some flower power. We know, Miranda Preistly might probably find florals for Spring ‘groundbreaking’ but we’re strong advocates for it nonetheless! It’s timeless, versatile and evokes an air of strong femininity, cheeriness and effortlessness.

The beauty of flowers and Spring translates our wardrobe from hoarding on denim and dark colors to loose and breezy silhouettes and light neutral shades with easy prints. Think a palette of light tan, cream, beige, ivory and more! We amalgamated the two to make an outfit that only best represents the beauty of the season.

This season, we’re dressing ourselves in Baise Gaba with wind in our hair, flowers for dresses and happy smiles for makeup!

Hemal's Outfit: Outfit, Baise Gaba | Shoes, Aldo | Sunglasses, Rayban

Urmi's Outfit: Outfit, Baise Gaba | Choker, Stalk Buy Love | Sock, Forever 21| Footwear, Target (USA) | Sunglasses, Rayban

Photo Credit: Jaina Kumar

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