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The quintessence of a mother has always been in her selflessness. When have you ever witnessed an individual give their all for someone else, without ever expecting anything in return? Forever sacrificing her all and putting her kids before herself. While we always respect our biological mums, why do we fail to do the same with our natural one?

Mother Nature has been bountiful in her blessings, covering the land with green as far as the eye can see. Lately, it seems like situations are only going from bad to worse. People littering everywhere, global warming becoming even direr, deforestation and so much more. Social media networks are filled with news of oceans polluted in plastic and aquatic life in peril. If it wasn’t obvious before, the need for immediate environmental reformation on the individual as well as industrial and governmental level is needed more than ever. Which is why we have been ever so relieved since the government called into action a statewide ban on plastic.

We’ll admit though, we have been hefty users of plastic. Being conditioned to its usage since childhood in almost every aspect – from covering our electronics during the monsoon to using it for gifting, packaging and more, the nuisance has been present in some way in almost every part of our daily lives. If we’re being really honest, it also plays a big role in our everyday job of being stylists. Shoots, sourcing et all demand a massive amount of clothes to be transferred or used. Portability and commuting with them only becomes easier with the use of plastic, However, as much as it makes our lives a little bit easier, one truth is certain.

We need a little discomfort to make things better. Whether it is opting for aluminum lined bags for portability or using paper or cloth bags for usage, a greener thumb is essential for all. As much as plastic can be likened to an addiction, we’re giving our all to quit on this everyday evil. Considering that plastic takes over 450 years to decompose in landfills just brings to fore the magnitude of the situation and our responsibility as citizens of the planet to protect it from this waste.

It is so necessary today to inculcate this thought in every inch of our being. While fashion is our DNA, morality and ethics are an even bigger part. Fast fashion brands are not eco-friendly and use a great deal of polyester, acrylic and more that release tiny plastic fibers while washing. It eventually releases in the natural environment, which harms the aquatic ecosystem.

is a given that people will surely not give up on buying clothes and fashion. This is where brands step in. The Zara’s and H&M’s of the world have carved a name for themselves as the faces of fast fashion, but as someone once said, “With great power, comes great responsibility”. Here, brands need to inculcate more organic and natural fabrics that give clothing longevity and sustainability. Recycling and using materials to bring a stop to the vicious cycle of fast fashion.

What you can do to save the environment:

  1. Upcycle - Instead of buying newer clothes, how about revamping existing outfits instead? A patch here, a DIY technique there to breathe new life into your outfit. Saves the $ and the environment.
  1. Invest in natural and organic clothing- When you buy clothing made of organic fabrics, you are investing. These clothes last longer and help the environment even in the post purchase process.
  1. Limit fast fashion purchases- We know how difficult it can be to stop shopping altogether from retail brands. Instead, try cutting down on the number of clothing you purchases. Even if you do, read the clothing tag to know what it is made of and try to be as environmentally conscious as you can while shopping.
  1. Share! -Nothing celebrates the spirit of fashion and helps the environment like sharing clothing. Share it amongst your friends or trade it/sell it with stylish and interested buyers online. The more we divulge in sharing, the lesser clothing we bring into the cycle, ultimately aiding landfills along the way.
  1. Reuse, Reduce, Recycle- The golden rule we’ve always been taught since our childhood. Reuse your existing wardrobe and play around. It’s always fun to be creative. AND you make new clothes in the process! Reduce. Shopping, washing synthetic materials and dive into greener practices. Recycle. Give your clothes to be recycled or simply share it with others who may need it. It always helps to help!

It’s still not too late. Everyday should be a reminder of just how lucky we are to call Earth our home. Never forget. Help the planet.

Now don’t just go, green. It’s time. GET green!

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