Creating your own visual style and letting it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others, is the story behind the scene. Let us explain how and make things easier for girls who feel wearing accessories is little too flashy or showy, but it’s not really so..
Since all of us know how much we emphasize on accessorizing. Here is one such take of ours on statement pieces. They add on the X factor to our look. We are sure you shall agree much on this. Its only neck pieces but even other avowal pieces like bags, clutches, shoes and other crisp and amazing accessories that we recommend to add on to your fashion plate.
We found incredible number of such pieces at our much loved accessory store Accessorize. Moreover how can we not share this buzzle with you’ll.

Urmi is wearing her plain cherry red dress adding a break with the silver studded belt which is an attention grabbing element. You could choose to carry either the clutch or the belt. Hemal is doing a casual number with her bold stripes making a statement with layered neckpieces and this blingy sequin clutch. We have immense love towards embellishments be it in clothes or shoes or bags.

We love sharing our favorite picks with you, take a look at some more of our preferred statement pieces from Accessorize. Which one do you desire??

All Accessories: Accessorize

Photo Credit: Kartik Negandhi

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