Giving back with love

It’s impossible to feel down during the holidays and with the festive season in full bloom. Christmas is right around the corner and the joy of gifting our loved ones this time of year always fills our heart with warmth. Like that of bright sunshine on a pleasant winter’s day.

It’s during such times that you truly realize how grateful you are for having the things you do, being around those who you love and surrounding yourself with those who radiate the same positivity and happiness. In today’s fast paced rat race we seldom stop to smell the roses or show gratitude for what we have. In a bid for more, we forget what’s already there. Sometimes, we just forget to thank for what we have. For all the little things we have and the even bigger picture that reflects back to us a realistic mirror of contentment.

It’s easy to be in the dark and loom over the gloom. What truly matters is whether you choose to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Do you feel hopeful, seeing that ray of light?

Amidst the bad that happened this year, the changes that took place, let’s take this opportunity to share the great things, be grateful for the good and believe that amazing things are yet to come. From Hemal getting hitched to Urmi’s graduation from girlfriend to fiancée and wifey (as we wait with bated breaths). This year was a whirlwind and as we edge closer, we want to leave the burden behind, feel free and gravitate towards the positivity of a new year, a new change.

This Christmas, let us play not-so-secret-Santa. Share with us, your best Christmas stories. Something that puts a curved smile on your face or an instance you still hold dear like that cozy old blanket you never want to let go of. One lucky elf can win these bags with their favorite stories.

This season, we’re not just gifting. We’re giving back.

Thank you for a stellar 2017 and even more love. Happy holidays and merry Christmas!


With all our love,

What Wear How

Hemal's Outfit: Outfit, Burnt Soul| Sunglasses, Rayban | Watch, Daniel Wellington| Bag, Burnt Soul

Urmi's Outfit:  Top,  Burnt Soul|Neckpiece, Francescas| Footwear, Target (USA)| Sunglasses, Rayban |Belt, And| Bag, Burnt Soul

Photo Credit: Jaina Kumar

Written by: Hemantee Vijan

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