When we were growing up we liked to play dress-up game, it was such a great pass-time. Now that we are older, getting ready and looking nice has become an anxiety. Do u want to make it fun again??

A bit of show-off, a bit of fashion, a bit of high heels and a bit of ardor, trying all of these with a bit of thought and dressing up with a bit of style, ONLY to create some fantasy is what we discovered off late.

When we see someone dressed up in a particular way, we often feel carried away by their style and wish to just replicate them a bit, ONLY if we can do it a bit differently and a bit prominently.

We all have our fashion icons and idols whom we follow and imitate. But ONLY if we could know how much our dressing speaks about ourselves. Sometimes in the process of being like someone, we may forget who we actually are. We want you all to understand your own likes and dislikes, explore yourselves and show what you actually are. Experiment your own style and personify yourself with total fashion. Do it yourself, believe in pink, believe in laughing, and believe in ONLY you.

Yes it's this brand ONLY - which is about you and ONLY you. We are a fan of their denims and details; their styles so unique and one can entirely find their style in this store. Be it rock chic, or girly or rugged; name it and you have it! In the coming few days, we are going to post different styles that we found for ourselves at ONLY. You will see Hemal and Urmi sporting same outfits in their own stylish ways.

This is not it, send us your styles, TEAM ONE PIECE OF OUTFIT IN 2 DIFFERENT STYLES that describes you and ONLY you and win vouchers worth INR2,500 from ONLY.

Hemal is wearing the tiger faced jumper with her new obsession of skirts and Urmi is sporting the same jumper in her own style of denim. She has been eyeing these pair of denims since a long time. Take a look!


Post your pictures on INSTAGRAM/ FACEBOOK/ TWITTER - tag us or email us on and the best one will win vouchers worth INR2,500 from ONLY.

Our other looks are coming up soon!

Photo Courtesy: Parth Daga

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