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We love to do the tough things while they are easy and we do the great things while they are small. Style and fashion is a journey of a thousand miles which begins with a single step. It's our incessant love for fashion that helps us begin our each day with a new belief and an attainable perfection for a beautiful day ahead.
We are playing it subtle at the start of this fresh year with fresh mornings and a crave to do new and better things, that keeps ourselves happy and satisfied.

Playing it light we layered minimal accessories and dainty rings. Its not just statement pieces that make statements. You can stand out with minimals too. This is one of our favourite trends. Moreover, the new collection at Accessorize have these at really affordable prices,  you wouldn't have to think twice to buy them.

Urmi layered her cream boho dress with some silver jewellery kinda traditional with the elephant pendant whereas Hemal layered her denim shirt with some modern pieces with the acrylic Love neckpiece adding that x-factor to her look. For our second change, we stuck to black and gold, Urmi wearing a fresh sunflower pendant and thin metal earrings whereas hemal layering her dress with gold geometric jewellery.

What do you guys this of this trend and our out of the bed look. Shoot your comments below and don't forget to Accessorize!!

ON URMI: White dress, Forever 21 |Black shirt, gifted | all accessories, Accessorize
ON HEMAL: Shirt, Marks & Spencer | White Vest & black dress, Zara |Shorts, Old Navy| all accessories, Accessorize


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