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The festivities and parties in anticipation of the New Year can often leave one with feelings of grandiose and splendor what with the celebrations that last throughout the final month of the year. In a bid to have the best outfit, the fanciest outfit we often forget a cardinal rule when it comes to style.

Less is more. Or so they say. Simpler times had that old school charm with an effortless pull to it. We are unwavering students of that school and are inherently drawn like moths to a flame to its comfortable, rustic feel.

A vintage allure or timeless classics, nostalgia makes the clock tick and makes the past seem so enchanting. That reminiscent sigh of playing with your mother’s makeup dresser or the pitter-patter of you running wearing her heels. They say old is gold for a reason and that simple rustic beauty is sometimes the throwback we wish for. Simpler times called for simpler answers and simpler measures. No complexities and certainly no complications. Breathe. Easy. Everything can be uncomplicated and calm if you just let it be. Beauty is found when you aren’t looking for it and certainly when you aren’t trying hard to.

So if you find yourself to be scrummaging, in an effort to do so much more, just do one thing. Go back to your roots and simply, be.

Hemal's Outfit: Sharara Set, Free Living | Mojri, Local | Earrings, Exhibition

Urmi's Outfit: Sharara Set, Free Living | Shoes, Target (USA) | Earrings, Local | Sunglasses, Rayban

Photo Credit: Jaina Kumar

Location: JW Marriott Mumbai Sahar 

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